Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Requested Infomation From A Leader In Kansas

The object of this web site is to reduce and stop accidents caused by these unregulated trailers.

I received this request:

Comments : Ron-

You may be the best informed person on trailer accidents I have ever seen. I am trying to compile statistics about parade related deaths and hoped you might be able to help. My interest is more in the direction of preventing people from throwing candy, as we have had several near misses. I am the head of our Christmas Parade Committee and would like to have the information to provide to our local media. Do you have statistics on parade related deaths and/or serious injury, from candy, trailer/loat mishaps, or anything else that you could provide to me? Any help would be much appreciated and credited on our little blog

I immediately complied with her request. What I did was probably taken what would have been a long process to find the information and completed the information in a few days. I believe this will prevent a tragic accident in the state of Kansas.

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Anonymous said...

I too am compiling statistics regarding parade accidents. Do you have that information, statistics, incidents etc?

You can email us at

Thank you!